Objects Aug. 31

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These objects that belonged to Aunt Angie are available for the asking.
If you see something that you like, e-mail me that you want it.
If you're interested in an object, but would like to see it in greater detail
or would like a better description, just ask.
If more than one person requests the same object, Aunt Bette will arbitrate.

Black Lacquered Bowls
6" Qty:4

Crystal Ashtray

Crystal Lamp

Hindu Dancer
4.5" black metal figurine

Metal Platter 1
12" silver plate?

Metal Platter 2
11" flower design

Wood Platter
12" black & gold

Kabuki Print 1
13.5"x20" Onna Shibaraku

Kabuki Print 2
13.5"x20" Sanmon Gosan No Kiri

Kabuki Print 3
13.5"x20" Asagao Nikki